Pueblo Viejo

Reliable Controls commissioned a multi-billion-dollar facility in the central part of the Dominican Republic.

Copper Mine Sulfur Burner - Control Systems Engineering and Commissioning

Reliable Controls provided control systems engineering and commissioning services for the sulfur burning plant at a copper mine in Arizona.

Questar - Blacks Fork Processing Plant

For the commissioning of this new controls system, RCC generated work packages, including procedures, drawings and check sheets for all terminations, control power distribution, field instruments and equipment for use by the commissioning team.

Jackrabbit Natural Gas Compressor

Reliable Controls completed the Jackrabbit Compressor Station project on time, within budget and with praise from our client

Acadian-Haynesville Pipeline Extension

Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) and Pre-Commissioning

Pueblo Viejo Mine

Reliable Controls Corporation was proud to be part of this large-scale, world-class mining project and enjoyed becoming our client’s go-to team in the field.

Gold Mine Retort Modifications

Assessment, Control Systems Engineering and Commissioning

Bald Mountain Gold Mine PLC Programming & Commissioning

Reliable Controls’ unique engineering work methods and approach resulted in successful on-time project completion and a happy client!

Mine-Affected Water Improvement

Reliable Controls took part in an innovative project that used new technologies and processes to significantly improve the quality of mine-affected water in Canada.

Engineering & System Integration

Reliable Controls performed engineering and system integration for a water supply and distribution system at a large-scale mining facility.


We have executed dozens of mega projects internationally and are known for our extensive hands-on experience and no-nonsense attitude in the field.