Reliable execution from concept to completion

Our goal is to work alongside our clients every step of the way, from concept to completion, as we assist them in their sustainable development goals for the environment and for the communities in which they work.

SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT It’s all about the long-game, and we’re one of the best around.

It’s about long term, permanent, sustainable improvement and development. At Reliable Controls we are dedicated to assisting our clients in creating and managing sustainable projects by:

  • optimizing resources
  • reducing energy
  • lowering costs and lowering risks

We address sustainability as part of our design process and incorporate it into our project management practices. We are able to constantly measure against our client’s sustainability goals and ensure they are met.

With that sustainable and cooperative mindset, we strive to train and support local professionals on each job site we visit, develop partnerships with local businesses and support the local communities that surround the projects we work on.



Always remain equitable and ethical. Always deliver what's promised. Become the 'Go To' Team.


Listen to clients' problems and issues. What is it that the client truly values?
What are the client's goals?


Be well informed and educated on topics being addressed.
Frequent interaction will always grow value -- Stay on top.
Be always mindful of any impacts on client's schedules.


Maintain an assertive, modest and polite manner at all times.Use language suited to the environment. Stay humble -- It's about listening and addressing clients' needs.


  • Safety and risk
  • Management of Change
  • Reporting
  • Scope of Work
  • Deliverables
  • Forecasting
  • Resources
  • Quality
  • Review & Analysis
  • Schedule
  • Cost
  • Systainability
  • Documentation
  • Punch List


At Reliable Controls, safety is paramount. It’s a standard. It is a daily way of life.

We understand that safety in the mining and gas and oil industries are more than guidelines stuck on a wall in a break room. Every day the men and women with whom we work are putting themselves in dangerous and hazardous situations where safety must be of the utmost concern or lives could be lost.

Reliable Controls is dedicated to creating a culture of safety both in the office and in the field. We also ensure that our employees are continually up-to-date on the latest safety training required by OSHA & MSHA. Finally, in order to further ensure that safety is always at the forefront of our minds, each company meeting is begun with a “Safety Share” – a short message about safety that relates back to our daily lives.