Copper Sulphide Precipitation Process Plant

Reliable Controls commissioned a multi-billion-dollar facility in the central part of the Dominican Republic.

This is not your average plant! The high levels of H2S gas present in this process makes it very delicate to operate. It can generate H2S gasses with up to 100,000 PPM, so it is critical to ensure the integrity of the primary (lean) and secondary (rich) compressor circuits used for the H2S copper in solution precipitation. With a hand-selected team of eight engineers and technicians from the US, South Africa, Argentina, Chile and Peru, Reliable Controls successfully commissioned the Copper Sulfide Precipitation Plant located at the mine site. Our team had to work very closely with the contractors, owners and design engineers to make sure every aspect of the process could be operated with precision. We developed a cause and effect testing table with over 600 line-items to validate all critical instrumentation, controls and safety systems. We developed a systemized functional checkout plan using our instrument loop and motor control test packages to assure consistency in all testing. We also performed an audit of all mechanical protocols to validate the mechanical system’s integrity and readiness prior to operation.