Our team is the key to our success, so we recruit, develop, mentor and train the best professionals from every corner of the world.

Our company’s philosophy is to provide our clients with the best services and talent available in the world. We achieve this through developing a culture of safety and quality, continuous training and mentoring of our employees, developing new ideas and implementing tried and proven methods that work, investing and developing new technologies and cultivating passion and pride in the work we do.

A Reliable Controls team member has extensive hands-on experience and has a "no-nonsense" attitude towards work and knows heavy industry project requirements both in the process side and the conditions working in remote locations. Reliable Controls has executed multiple mega projects world-wide with a safety mindset, quality orientation and a "can-do" attitude that clients recognize and value.

Our goal is to partner with each of our clients and become part of their “go-to” team. Ultimately, our focus is to provide solutions that meet our client’s needs.


Ed is the founder of Reliable Controls and has over 25 years of experience in the automation and commissioning of industrial facilities. His proven methods and processes for safety, quality and efficiency are the foundation of our success and are utilized in all our projects world-wide. Ed is a highly respected figure in the industry, and his passion for development and engagement have earned him recognition from several state and local community organizations. With sustainability as a guiding principle, his main objective is to make Reliable Controls the most trusted and efficient automation and commissioning company in the world.

Presidents & CEO

Nikki is a high-performance executive whose expertise has fueled considerable growth and financial stability for Reliable Controls. Since joining the team in 2005, Nikki has been responsible for the continuous improvement of our internal business and financial management systems. She spearheads our international expansions and ensures sound tax and financial planning. She is highly skilled in cultivating healthy business relationships with clients, partners, contractors and vendors. Her leadership has made Reliable Controls financially healthy and more competitive.

Executive Vice President

Al is a process-driven expert with over 50 years of experience in the metals and mining industry. Throughout his career, Al has been a key part of engineering, construction and commissioning for some of the most significant mining operations in Peru, Mexico and the United States. He joined Reliable Controls in 2007 after his retirement from Kennecott Utah Copper. He continuously assesses and provides guidance in our business and project systems. His vast experience in project, engineering, and maintenance management ensures maximum safety and quality standards are met.

Senior Vice President, Technical Adviser & Chief Auditor

Brad has over 35 years of experience in Human Resources and Business Management. He is responsible for recruiting, training and retaining our tremendous talent pool. Brad has a strong background in leadership development and is dedicated to the ongoing personal and professional development of our people. Having served in various management positions in the engineering and construction industries, he understands the criticality of project timelines, budgets and personnel, which directly impact a company’s sustainable growth.

Brad Liljenquist
Vice President, Administration & Human Resources

Fred is an experienced Project Manager with over 25 years of international experience in heavy industry projects, primarily in mineral processing and synthetic fuels. He understands and focuses on long and short-term goals, budget control and management of change. He is a versatile performer, and highly skilled in his management of subcontractors, vendors and other personnel. Most recently, Fred has been instrumental in the successful startup of three gold processing plants.

irector - Project Development & Execution

Alex is an analytical and fact-driven professional. He has over 15 years of experience in heavy industrial process controls. He creates efficiency tools for the execution of system integration and is known for his objective and clear-cut problem solving skills. He develops and mentors our company’s Automation and Process Control team. His unique qualifications are project development, engineering, configuration, control optimization and commissioning. Alex has worked on multiple international process controls projects, managing multinational teams from concept through commissioning and startup.

Director - Automation and Process Controls

Ron is a results-oriented executive with over 35 years experience in international project management, pre-operational testing, commissioning, start-up and operations. He has spenthiscareerworkingforthe world's largest mining,engineering and resource companies. His expertise is focused on the mining, mineral processing, petrochemical and steel industries. He has successfully led diverse teams in a variety of highly competitive industries and fast-paced environments. Ron has strong technical and business qualifications with an impressive track record in strategic planning, project execution and production management.

Director - Commissioning & Start-Up

Gordon has over 20 years of international experience in commissioning and operations management. He has vast knowledge of numerous mineral processing plants, including gold, copper, cobalt, lead, molybdenum, potassium and zinc. He has a proven reputation for leadership and management and is known for his expert development of logical start-up sequences and commissioning planning. Gordon is a true performer, and he builds solid relationships with all our clients and personnel.

Director - Project Development & Execution

John is an efficient and talented executive with over 35 years of project management experience in the Oil & Gas industry. He has directed automation engineering groups in cross-functional, multi-state and multi-facility teams. He possesses extensive technical knowledge in detailed facility design, operations and maintenance. John is an excellent leader, and his reputation for planning has been integral to the success of multiple projects throughout his career.

Director - Project Development - Oil & Gas

Jeff has over 35 years of project commissioning and startup experience in mining and petro- chemical facilities worldwide. He is a highly driven and competent professional with prov- en results in leadership, management and coordination; in short, he ‘gets things done.’ He is an excellent communicator, and an experienced leader and mentor. He is fluent in both En- glish and Spanish. Thanks to his strong communication and leadership skills he has been instrumen- tal in successful plant startups of some of the world’s largest mining and petrochemical projects.

Jeff Van Dyke
Director - Latin America


"We do a lot of work with the University of Utah, because we truly want people to understand the industry and what it takes to work in energy and primary industry."

Ed Macha President and CEO

Reliable Controls works with many universities, primarily the University of Utah, in an effort to train and develop the next generation of industry experts. Reliable Controls offers internships to college students and works to educate young engineers on the benefits of working in the field.

Representatives from Reliable Controls have given presentations to local universities to educate engineering students on the benefits of working in the industry.